Making profits with Negative PR – A case study on santhosh pandit

Any publicity is Good Publicity!!!

Santhosh pandit proved this with his recent movie Krishnanum Radhayum. Santhosh and his movie emerged as  the best case study for PR students. The movie also underlined the influence of social media in the success/failure of movies these days.The movie was running houseful in most of the release centres.

Krishnanum Radhayum came to lime light when Santhosh published one song from the movie in Youtube. The song got huge viral publicity and was considered as the second part of ‘Silsila’. Santhosh very soon published another song from the movie which is equally comparable with the first one.

How to gain negative PR – a case study on Prithvirajappan

Prithvirajappan jokes is the latest SMS trend in Kerala. Film Star Prithviraj replaced Tintumon & Sardarji as the most popular SMS character among malayalees. He achieved all this through just one interview on Asianet. The Spoof of the interview titled Prithvirajappan got more than 4 lacs hits already and is gaining more popularity through facebook, twitter and other online media.

Prithviraj who is one among the techie film stars in malayalam terribly failed to device his social media strategy. Having a twitter account alone is not sufficient to become a social media celebrity.