Movie Review : Padmashri Bharath Dr. Saroj Kumar -A satirical disaster

I will sum up the review of Padmasree Bharath Dr. Sarojkumar as a failed theatrical version of Cinemala. Went for the movie expecting a lot (may be that caused this disappointment ). Lesson learned : Go for a movie with little expectations

Though Sreenivasan and director Sajin Raaghavan claims that its not a sequel , the story movie revolves around characters like saroj kumar, pachalam bhasi, babikuttan etc. from udayananu tharam. The movie is based on the criticisms to malayalam film industry like strangleholds of superstars, roles of unions and fans associations etc. The movie fails to uphold its criticisms as this movie itself is based on a poor script from Sreenivasan. I didnt expect such a poor script from Sreeni. The movie is a satire – criticizing each and everything in the malayalam film industry.

Top 5 Malayalam Movies of 2011

2011 was not a good year for the malayalam movie lovers. Almost 84 malayalam movies got released this year but hardly 10 of them can be given a rating of 4 or above on a 10 point scale.There are Bollywood and Kollywood movies which made more money than malayalam movies from Kerala. Our Megastars disappointed us. Even though Prithviraj got into trouble with his controversial interview with John Britas, three of his movies will easily find place in the top 10 malayalam movies of 2011.
We saw malayalees waiting in queue for the tickets of  ‘Krishnanum radhayum’ pointing towards the basic problems of malayalam movie industry. 2011 saw the emergence of Social Media as an important marketing tool for malayalam movies. Box office success of movies like Traffic, Salt n’ pepper etc owes a great to social media marketing. Here I am trying to select the best 5 Malayalam movies of 2011.