Media trying to destroy communal harmony in the state

I am afraid…I think Pinaraayi Vijayan was right….There is a media syndicate in kerala…

Cartoon Courtsey : Sudheer Nath

The analysis of the recently held assembly election results which came in the media here points to this fact…There is a media syndicate that tries to destroy the communal harmony in the state…?Most of the malayalam dailies and weeklies reportsĀ  a clear communal marginalization during the last assembly elections..They say while the muslims and majority of christians supported UDF, the major hindu segments like Nairs and Ezhavas voted for the LDF to prevent a pro minority stable government in the state…Media in a secular state is not supposed to report such nonsense…They shouldnot consider people as christians , muslims or Hindu’s – all should be Indians for the media.

Why didnt UDF get a massive margin in Kerala?

I remember a riddle series from my school days…

Q 1. ‘A bird laid egg when it was flying..the egg fell on rocks and it didnt crack…why?’

Answer: … Thats what we call ‘LUCK’

Q 2. ‘ The birdĀ  laid an egg when it was flying on the next day…the egg fell on concrete and it didnt crack..why?

Answer.. Thats what we call ‘CONFIDENCE’.

Q.3 Next day when the bird was flying it laid an egg. The egg fell on Normal ground and it cracked….Why?