Immortals of Meluha – A story of Contemporary relevance

Immortals of Meluha is a book which stands different for the successful marketing strategy and exciting story.Getting into the National Best seller list within one month of book release is something huge for a debut writer, that too for a book which portrays one of their supreme Gods – Shiva as a mere human warrior from Tibetan Himalayas.

The depth of research Amish did for writing this book is reflected throughout the pages. Immortals of Meluha is the first book in the Shiva trilogy series which tells the story of Suryavanshi’s and Chandravanshi’s and how Shiva a Tibetan refuge emerges as the Mahadev.

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu Movie Review

Perfectly Average. The movie Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu can be summed up as a perfectly Average movie. There is nothing new in the story. A romantic comedy which revolves around the “????? ??? ?????? ?? ?????? ??? ?????” ( Love in friendship and friendship in love) concept. The movie is worth one time watch. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu review

Tweaked Last supper controversy : Role of Media and Pseudo secularism

Our leading newspaper should apologize for covering the news of the tweaked Last supper poster with so much importance. If the CITU branch commitie did a mistake by creating this poster, what Manorama did is the biggest Mistake by propogating it to more people. Manorama’s intention was to create chaos and a direct attack on the communist party.Such news items are destructive and divert governments focus to unproductive actions.

Why cant you just appreciate the artist who made that poster for his creativity ? Christianity doesn’t believe in idols. Its against christianity if some one idolize the last supper painting by Davinci. We should be able to accept that poster with a smile. Secular parties should not use this as a weapon to attack their rivals.

SBI should Follow IRCTC to Go Green

In a major decision to adopt the environmental friendly path IRCTC – Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd no longer requires passengers to take printouts of Tickets booked online. It is estimated that this small step will save 3 lakh A4 Paper a day. Though IRCTC has to improve a lot in terms of service quality, we should appreciate this decision to implement paperless ticketing.

Now State Bank of India should follow IRCTC in adopting the environmental friendly approach with their ATM’s. Almost all other bank ATM’s ask the customer whether they need a printed advice of the last transaction. State Bank ATM’s dont ask users whether they need the printed advice and prints the transaction details after every transaction.

Second Show Malayalam Movie Review

“One who take the sword will perish by the sword”
The story of the movie second show can be summarized with the above quote from bible. The movie tells about quotation gangs in Kerala – How youth get involved with all antisocial activities like Ganja mafia. Being a film by youngsters they tried to travel in a different path with this same old story but terribly failed to impress the audience. Still Dulqar Salman – Mega star Mammooty’s son – proved that he has a future in Malayalam cinema. As a debutante he performed well.

Comparative Advertising – Microsoft Vs Google

Its time for another Brandwar. Its Google vs Microsoft now.
Last week Google announced a new privacy policy consolidating  6o different privacy policies of their product into one. The new privacy policy essentially allow Google to use their users private information across  various Google services – Google will be using your Youtube history, Google search history and information on your friends on Google plus to deliver relevant ads for you. This is a great news for the advertisers on google.

When the Old lady of Bori Bunder woke up the Mahavishnu of Mount Road

The integrated marketing campaign by ‘The Hindu‘ aiming directly at their rival ‘Times Of India‘ is the new buzz in the social media. These aggressive ad campaigns reflects the change in the top order of The Hindu as well. Everything started with Times of India with the help of their advertising agency Taproot India launched a TVC aiming at the Hindu in September 2011. The ad portrayed The Hindu as a boring newspaper which puts its readers to sleep. The ad ends with a call of action to the readers of The Hindu – ‘Wake up to the Times of India

Top 5 MBA Colleges in Kerala

The CAT 2012 results are out and the MBA aspirants are eagerly searching for good MBA colleges. CAT is not the only entrance exam for getting MBA admissions. Only two colleges – IIM Kozhikode and NIT Calicut in Kerala are looking IIM CAT scores for their MBA admissions. NIT Calicut is accepting only engineering graduates for their MBA programme. As a student pursuing MBA in an institute in Kerala, here i am trying to rank the MBA institutes. My advise before you read this article – Never limit your MBA dreams to institutes within kerala or India.

Movie Review : Padmashri Bharath Dr. Saroj Kumar -A satirical disaster

I will sum up the review of Padmasree Bharath Dr. Sarojkumar as a failed theatrical version of Cinemala. Went for the movie expecting a lot (may be that caused this disappointment ). Lesson learned : Go for a movie with little expectations

Though Sreenivasan and director Sajin Raaghavan claims that its not a sequel , the story movie revolves around characters like saroj kumar, pachalam bhasi, babikuttan etc. from udayananu tharam. The movie is based on the criticisms to malayalam film industry like strangleholds of superstars, roles of unions and fans associations etc. The movie fails to uphold its criticisms as this movie itself is based on a poor script from Sreenivasan. I didnt expect such a poor script from Sreeni. The movie is a satire – criticizing each and everything in the malayalam film industry.

Top 5 “Why This Kolaveri di ? “versions

“Success is a bastard and Failure is an Orphan”

Many people have a tendency to gain from other’s success. Here we have the latest example to substantiate the above saying. The super duper song “Why this Kolaveri di ? ” from the movie 3 sung by actor Dhanush has become a running success across the world. The music video of Why This Kolaveri di ? already generated around 26 million hits on youtube. Videos inspired from Why This Kolaveri di ? started appearing on youtube as soon as the video got some media attention. If you are among the 90 million Indians who haven’t watched Kolaveri yet, here it is for you.
Here i am trying to compile a list of top 5 videos inspired from the success of Why This Kolaveri di?