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Facebook Fan Pages : Are you building communities of Self Destruction ?

More and more companies are realizing the importance of social media.When I was working with Ayruz in 2009, many a times I saw the confused faces of my friends when I told them that I am working with a digital marketing startup.Ā The situation has changed a lot from what it was three years back. Now I have atleast two dozen people in my friends list who are working with digital marketing companies.

Understanding social media is very important before you embrace social media. Getting the right social media strategy in place is crucial.I quote from David Armano’s HBR article

Popular Card Games for Android Tablet

Until the launch of the iPhone, most of our casual mobile gaming were limited to games like “Snake” and “Bounce”. Mostly played while waiting for the doctors appointment or while waiting for the next train. With the launch of the iOS and Android platforms, casual gaming has a new life with thousands of games available in your phone or tablet. These apps have amazing quality in terms of graphics and game play.

Top 5 Gadgets of 2012

Despite the crisis in the US and European economies, a wide array of new gadgets is being pumped into the market. I am trying to list 5 gadgets that can be labelled as top 5 gadgets of 2012. This is not an exhaustive list of top gadgets in 2012 or a user review of these gadgets.
iPad 3 (The New Ipad )
The Apple iPad continues to be the ultimate gadget for scores of technological enthusiasts and the third generation tablet does not disappoint. A stunning 9.7-inch retina display with 3.1 million pixels and a 2048×1536 resolution headlines the enhancements. Apple has included a new A5X chip with a quad-core graphics processor and dual-core CPU to cope with the huge pixel count increase.

Convert your Windows 7 laptop into a Wifi hotspot

Have you ever thought of sharing your internet connection with friends? If you are having a Windows 7 Operating system installed in your laptop, sharing your internet is not a big deal. You can convert your laptop into a wireless router with the virtual wifi feature. I am sharing my MTS connection to hostel mates with this feature.. Sharing an unlimited connection among four people is more economical than having limted connections individually.

Afterall sharing is caring… šŸ™‚

All you need is

1. A working internet connection.

2. A windows 7 laptop with Microsoft virtual wifi drivers installed.

Dell Direct to home customer Service is Awesome

I was back home after the tiring first Semester exams and was busy planning my activities for the precious 3 days of Sem Break. We scheduled a trip to Trivandrum to attend the 15th International film festival of Kerala and to catchup with my friends in the lovely city of Trivandrum.

All my plans got ruined with my laptop showing some problems on Friday evening. I was working with my Dell Inspiron 14R and suddenly it got switched OFF. It was not booting up from then. I thought the battery is down and tried connecting theĀ adapterĀ but when i connect theĀ adapterĀ pin to the laptop, the power indicator on theĀ adapterĀ turns OFF.

Barcampkerala 9 an introspection

Barcampkerala 9 is my first barcamp as a management student. First of all a big thanks to ourĀ coordinatorsĀ at Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham including Binu P. K. , Saranjith and Anish Chandran. Thanks for the superb venue with 4Mbps Wifi connection, hospitality, refreshments and the FREE lunch. College Bus Service to Oachira was a big help to many of us.

Barcampkerala 9 was blessed with mature, interactive audience and informative sessions. The unconference started with self intro followed by the first session by Binny V. A. on wordpress plugin development. The session was a very informative one with live development of POPINS plugin.

Bom Sabado attacks Orkut

Did you check your Orkut scraps today?

Wondered why your friend sent you a scrap with the text ‘Bom Sabado’ ?

If your answer for both questions is YES, you just become the victim ofĀ  Bom Sabado worm in Orkut. If your answer forĀ  any one of the above question is NO, better not login to Orkut until their developers fix the issue or follow the solution below.

bom sabado attacks orkut

mail alert of the arrival of the worm

BarCamp Kerala 8

We are holding BarCamp Kerala 8 on March 28th, 2010!. If you are in Kerala and you call yourself a techie, BarCamp Kerala(or BCK) is a must attend event for you.

Hearing the word ‘barcamp’ for the first time?

BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences ? open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants ? often focusing on early-stage web applications, and related open source technologies, social protocols, and open data formats.



BCK 8 will be held at MACFAST, Thiruvala. For more details, go here

Create your own Hero Video in 3 Steps

Hope some of you have tried photofunia and added those photos to your orkut and facebook albums. Today i came to see a site where you can create videos portraying you as a hero. Its very simple. You could create your video in three simple steps. Thanks to @kevinbabu who introduced this site to me

1. Login to thier site.


2. choose one of your/your friend’s photo

upload image

You can even take a photo using your webcam

3. Adjust your image resolution


I am going to attend FOSS.IN Bangalore

My FOSS Registration Card

My FOSS Registration Card

FOSS stands for Free and Open Source Software. FOSS.IN is considered to be one of the largest FOSS events in the world.Its happening in Bangalore from the 1st of Dec 2009 to the 5th of Dec.

Ever Since i read this article by kenneyjacob in 2007Ā  i wished to attend a FOSS event and now i got the oppurtunity. There are so many interesting sessions.You can have a look at the sessions here

The only problem am facing now is that i dont have an idea about my rescheduled CAT slot.I”ll write about my CAT experience in another post.