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5 reasons why Cochin ipl is not a crowd puller

Back in 2010, cricket fans in Kerala recieved the news of Cochin winning the bid for an IPL team with great enthusiasm.A lot of discussion and controversies followed and the dream of an IPL team for cochin has become a reality with Kochi Tuskers Kerala playing IPL4. But unlike other IPL venues Kochi Tuskers Kerala’s home ground failed to attract jam packed audience. The matches here in Cochin are played with more than 50% of the seats remaining vacant.

This blog post is examining the reasons why KTK fail attract jam packed audience in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Worldcup Without Argentina??

The question that comes to the mind of every football fans now. Will Argentina play in the 2010 football worldcup in South Africa??

After the 3-1 loss against rivals Brazil yesterday now they are on the fear of missing out the 2010 football worldcup in South Africa.

As India is not playing worldcups i used to cheer for Argentina.So yesterday’s loss at the hands of Brazil was a great shock for all Argentinean fans including me.

With yesterdays loss they are now standing fourth among the 10 teams from South America.

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