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Tweaked Last supper controversy : Role of Media and Pseudo secularism

Our leading newspaper should apologize for covering the news of the tweaked Last supper poster with so much importance. If the CITU branch commitie did a mistake by creating this poster, what Manorama did is the biggest Mistake by propogating it to more people. Manorama’s intention was to create chaos and a direct attack on the communist party.Such news items are destructive and divert governments focus to unproductive actions.

Why cant you just appreciate the artist who made that poster for his creativity ? Christianity doesn’t believe in idols. Its against christianity if some one idolize the last supper painting by Davinci. We should be able to accept that poster with a smile. Secular parties should not use this as a weapon to attack their rivals.

When we have wooden Bishop’s with Golden Crosses !!!!

Once we had “Golden Bishop’s with wooden crosses”. But now we have “wooden bishops with golden crosses, travelling in luxury car and doing the just opposite of what Jesus preached”. The recent developments in Kolenchery after the court order in favor of Orthodox faction of Malankara church proves the above wordings. 

This is what happens when church become a source for amazing wealth – hunger strikes, protest rallies, destruction of public properties.

The church authorities should read bible, atleast Mathew chapter 21 – “My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are making it a ‘den of robbers.”