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Left Right Left Malayalam Movie Review

This movie inspired me to restart my movie review blogs 🙂 Left Right Left can be tagged as a political movie criticizing the present communist leadership in Kerala. The movie attracted the protest from the party leadership and they even managed to get it banned in the district of Kannur. There is a news spreading that party bought the movie to avoid its screening over television.


Tweaked Last supper controversy : Role of Media and Pseudo secularism

Our leading newspaper should apologize for covering the news of the tweaked Last supper poster with so much importance. If the CITU branch commitie did a mistake by creating this poster, what Manorama did is the biggest Mistake by propogating it to more people. Manorama’s intention was to create chaos and a direct attack on the communist party.Such news items are destructive and divert governments focus to unproductive actions.

Why cant you just appreciate the artist who made that poster for his creativity ? Christianity doesn’t believe in idols. Its against christianity if some one idolize the last supper painting by Davinci. We should be able to accept that poster with a smile. Secular parties should not use this as a weapon to attack their rivals.

FDI In Retail – Should we fear WalMart and Tesco ?

The Central Government decision to allow 51% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in multibrand retailing is facing fierce resistance in the country.Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjie and Prime Minister Sri Manmohan Singh claims this decision as something very necessary and inevitable. This is indeed a revoluionary decision that can change the retailing landscape in India.Resistance to this much awaited decision is huge and it comes from opposition parties like BJP, CPI, CPM etc. Even UPA coalition partners like Trinamul Congress and Congress leaders like Ramesh Chennithala, Jayaram Ramesh are opposing this decision.With Mamta Banerjie threatening the government and the stiff resistance from opposition Government has put the decision on hold.
At this point am examining the pros and cons of bringing FDI to the multi brand retail sector in India. Let me start with the supporters of FDI..
Pranabda says this is an inevitable decision to maintain the growth in the retail sector of India. He has the support from the Conferderation of Indian Industries (CII), FICCI etc.

Mullaperiyar Issue, Muammar Gaddafi & Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

The buzz behind ‘Mullaperiyar‘ is nothing new in Kerala. Its an annual issue in kerala for the last few decades with media and politicians start discussing about the potential threat to four districts as soon as the water level reaches the 136 mark. Everyone will forget the threat once a new issue is up and running. Same is the case with the self financing college issue which will be the hot topic only during the admission season. 
The Mullaperiyar issue with Kerala playing the card of ‘threat to lives of 30 million’ and Tamil Nadu playing the ‘Water for Life’ card become a headache to the central government also. Kerala is assuring water to Tamil Nadu and demanding decommision of the old dam and construction of a new one in its place.

Media trying to destroy communal harmony in the state

I am afraid…I think Pinaraayi Vijayan was right….There is a media syndicate in kerala…

Cartoon Courtsey : Sudheer Nath

The analysis of the recently held assembly election results which came in the media here points to this fact…There is a media syndicate that tries to destroy the communal harmony in the state…?Most of the malayalam dailies and weeklies reports  a clear communal marginalization during the last assembly elections..They say while the muslims and majority of christians supported UDF, the major hindu segments like Nairs and Ezhavas voted for the LDF to prevent a pro minority stable government in the state…Media in a secular state is not supposed to report such nonsense…They shouldnot consider people as christians , muslims or Hindu’s – all should be Indians for the media.

Why didnt UDF get a massive margin in Kerala?

I remember a riddle series from my school days…

Q 1. ‘A bird laid egg when it was flying..the egg fell on rocks and it didnt crack…why?’

Answer: … Thats what we call ‘LUCK’

Q 2. ‘ The bird  laid an egg when it was flying on the next day…the egg fell on concrete and it didnt crack..why?

Answer.. Thats what we call ‘CONFIDENCE’.

Q.3 Next day when the bird was flying it laid an egg. The egg fell on Normal ground and it cracked….Why?


Achuthanandan became Amul?s brand ambassador

They both are Amul babies” – reads the title of the latest edition of the famous Amul Ads featuring Kerala CM Achuthanandan and Rahul Gandhi. The Amul Ads are the longest running ad series in the country.One Ad is released nationally every week with reference to the latest incident that week.The ad series has covered almost all spheres of Indian life – Cricket, politics, business, bollywood etc.

Mumbai based Ad agency Dacunha Associates is behind the Amul Ads. They are doing the Ad series for Gujarat co-operative milk marketing Federation since 1966. The entire ad series is available in the Amul website