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Left Right Left Malayalam Movie Review

This movie inspired me to restart my movie review blogs ūüôā Left Right Left can be tagged as a political movie criticizing the present communist leadership in Kerala. The movie attracted the protest from the party leadership and they even managed to get it banned in the district of Kannur. There is a news spreading that party bought the movie to avoid its screening over television.


An Em Bee Yeah Review of #DiamondNecklace

Diamond necklace is the story of an NRI Specialist doctor- his poor personal financial management and the problems associated with it. I went for the movie without much expectations as I had received reviews which were pointing towards two extremes. While some people gave excellent reviews for the movie portraying Fahad Fazil as the future of Malayalam cinema, there were others who gave totally negative review. See this funny pictorial review which appeared on one of my friends facebook wall

Ordinary – A very Ordinary Movie

Malayalam movie ‘Ordinary’ starring Kunchacko Boban, Biju Menon and Aan Augustine very well justify its name – a very ‘Ordinary’ movie. Cinematography is the best thing about this movie. A person watching this movie will definitely set plans for a trip to Gavi. The beauty of Gavi is presented in such an awesome manner. Predictable¬†story line¬†is the biggest drawback of the movie in my opinion.

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu Movie Review

Perfectly Average. The movie Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu can be summed up as a perfectly Average movie. There is nothing new in the story. A romantic comedy which revolves around the “????? ??? ?????? ?? ?????? ??? ?????” ( Love in friendship and friendship in love) concept. The movie is worth one time watch.¬†Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu review

Second Show Malayalam Movie Review

“One who take the sword will perish by the sword”
The story of the movie second show can be¬†summarized with the above quote from bible. The movie tells about¬†quotation gangs in Kerala – How youth get involved with all antisocial activities like Ganja mafia. Being a film by youngsters they tried to travel in a different path with this same old story but terribly failed to impress the audience. Still Dulqar Salman – Mega star Mammooty’s son – proved that he has a future in Malayalam cinema. As a¬†debutante¬†he performed well.

Movie Review : Padmashri Bharath Dr. Saroj Kumar -A satirical disaster

I will sum up the review of Padmasree Bharath Dr. Sarojkumar as a failed theatrical version of Cinemala. Went for the movie expecting a lot (may be that caused this disappointment ). Lesson learned : Go for a movie with little expectations

Though Sreenivasan and director Sajin Raaghavan claims that its not a sequel , the story movie revolves around characters like saroj kumar, pachalam bhasi, babikuttan etc. from udayananu tharam. The movie is based on the criticisms to malayalam film industry like strangleholds of superstars, roles of unions and fans associations etc. The movie fails to uphold its criticisms as this movie itself is based on a poor script from Sreenivasan. I didnt expect such a poor script from Sreeni. The movie is a satire Рcriticizing each and everything in the malayalam film industry.

Top 5 “Why This Kolaveri di ? “versions

“Success is a bastard and Failure is an Orphan”

Many people have a tendency to gain from other’s success. Here we have the latest example to substantiate the above saying. The super duper song “Why this Kolaveri di ? ” from the movie 3 sung by actor Dhanush has become a running success across the world. The music video of Why This Kolaveri di ? already generated around 26 million hits on youtube. Videos inspired from Why This Kolaveri di ? started appearing on youtube as soon as the video got some media attention. If you are among the 90 million Indians who haven’t watched Kolaveri yet, here it is for you.
Here i am trying to compile a list of top 5 videos inspired from the success of Why This Kolaveri di?

Top 5 Malayalam Movies of 2011

2011 was not a good year for the malayalam movie lovers. Almost 84 malayalam movies got released this year but hardly 10 of them can be given a rating of 4 or above on a 10 point scale.There are Bollywood and Kollywood movies which made more money than malayalam movies from Kerala. Our Megastars disappointed us. Even though Prithviraj got into trouble with his controversial interview with John Britas, three of his movies will easily find place in the top 10 malayalam movies of 2011.
We saw malayalees waiting in queue for the tickets of ¬†‘Krishnanum radhayum’ pointing towards the basic problems of malayalam movie industry. 2011 saw the emergence of Social Media as an important marketing tool for malayalam movies. Box office success of movies like Traffic, Salt n’ pepper etc owes a great to social media marketing. Here I am trying to select the best 5 Malayalam movies of 2011.

Making profits with Negative PR – A case study on santhosh pandit

Any publicity is Good Publicity!!!

Santhosh pandit proved this with his recent movie Krishnanum Radhayum. Santhosh and his movie emerged as  the best case study for PR students. The movie also underlined the influence of social media in the success/failure of movies these days.The movie was running houseful in most of the release centres.

Krishnanum Radhayum came to lime light when Santhosh published one song from the movie in Youtube. The song got huge viral publicity and was considered as the second part of ‘Silsila’. Santhosh very soon published another song from the movie which is equally comparable with the first one.

How to gain negative PR – a case study on Prithvirajappan

Prithvirajappan jokes is the latest SMS trend in Kerala. Film Star Prithviraj replaced Tintumon & Sardarji as the most popular SMS character among malayalees. He achieved all this through just one interview on Asianet. The Spoof of the interview titled Prithvirajappan got more than 4 lacs hits already and is gaining more popularity through facebook, twitter and other online media.

Prithviraj who is one among the techie film stars in malayalam terribly failed to device his social media strategy. Having a twitter account alone is not sufficient to become a social media celebrity.