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Facebook Fan Pages : Are you building communities of Self Destruction ?

More and more companies are realizing the importance of social media.When I was working with Ayruz in 2009, many a times I saw the confused faces of my friends when I told them that I am working with a digital marketing startup. The situation has changed a lot from what it was three years back. Now I have atleast two dozen people in my friends list who are working with digital marketing companies.

Understanding social media is very important before you embrace social media. Getting the right social media strategy in place is crucial.I quote from David Armano’s HBR article

Taking a session on ‘Kuriyedathu Thathri & Social Media ‘ @barcampkerala

Barcamp is back in Trivandrum. The 12th edition of barcampkerala will be held at technopark, Trivandrum on the 22nd of April 2012. I am a regular barcamper from barcampkerala-3 onwards. This time I decided to take one step forward by taking a session at barcampkerala.

I was searching for a suitable topic and finally decided to take something on social media in kerala. Social media is a buzzing word now a days and everyone is after social media marketing. I am trying to focus on the social effects of social media in Kerala.

Comparative Advertising – Microsoft Vs Google

Its time for another Brandwar. Its Google vs Microsoft now.
Last week Google announced a new privacy policy consolidating  6o different privacy policies of their product into one. The new privacy policy essentially allow Google to use their users private information across  various Google services – Google will be using your Youtube history, Google search history and information on your friends on Google plus to deliver relevant ads for you. This is a great news for the advertisers on google.

When the Old lady of Bori Bunder woke up the Mahavishnu of Mount Road

The integrated marketing campaign by ‘The Hindu‘ aiming directly at their rival ‘Times Of India‘ is the new buzz in the social media. These aggressive ad campaigns reflects the change in the top order of The Hindu as well. Everything started with Times of India with the help of their advertising agency Taproot India launched a TVC aiming at the Hindu in September 2011. The ad portrayed The Hindu as a boring newspaper which puts its readers to sleep. The ad ends with a call of action to the readers of The Hindu – ‘Wake up to the Times of India

Top 5 MBA Colleges in Kerala

The CAT 2012 results are out and the MBA aspirants are eagerly searching for good MBA colleges. CAT is not the only entrance exam for getting MBA admissions. Only two colleges – IIM Kozhikode and NIT Calicut in Kerala are looking IIM CAT scores for their MBA admissions. NIT Calicut is accepting only engineering graduates for their MBA programme. As a student pursuing MBA in an institute in Kerala, here i am trying to rank the MBA institutes. My advise before you read this article – Never limit your MBA dreams to institutes within kerala or India.

Making profits with Negative PR – A case study on santhosh pandit

Any publicity is Good Publicity!!!

Santhosh pandit proved this with his recent movie Krishnanum Radhayum. Santhosh and his movie emerged as  the best case study for PR students. The movie also underlined the influence of social media in the success/failure of movies these days.The movie was running houseful in most of the release centres.

Krishnanum Radhayum came to lime light when Santhosh published one song from the movie in Youtube. The song got huge viral publicity and was considered as the second part of ‘Silsila’. Santhosh very soon published another song from the movie which is equally comparable with the first one.

How to gain negative PR – a case study on Prithvirajappan

Prithvirajappan jokes is the latest SMS trend in Kerala. Film Star Prithviraj replaced Tintumon & Sardarji as the most popular SMS character among malayalees. He achieved all this through just one interview on Asianet. The Spoof of the interview titled Prithvirajappan got more than 4 lacs hits already and is gaining more popularity through facebook, twitter and other online media.

Prithviraj who is one among the techie film stars in malayalam terribly failed to device his social media strategy. Having a twitter account alone is not sufficient to become a social media celebrity.

Always Keep Smiling

Your smile for your brother is charity.” – Fiqh-us-Sunnah, Volume 3, Number 98

We were given an assignment on “Your Moral philosophy” by our Professor and I was searching my moral philosophy for long time and finally my friends helped me to identify it. A man’s moral philosophy should reflect in his behavior.

Indian Hand behind downgrading US

“When Niel Armstrong landed on Moon, he had his breakfast (Naadan Puttu & Kadala Curry ) from our chandran chetan’s thattukada”

“India won the first T20 worldcup only because Mizbah Ul Huq failed to realize the fact that there is a Malayali in every corner of the universe”

ADAG’s Controversial Ad campaign – A rethinking after #barkhagate

The Ad campaign launched by Anil Ambani’s Reliance against his brother Mukesh Ambani’s RIL and the Union Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas received mixed response from different parts of the society. The ethics behind running such an ad campaign is a case study in many business schools. Many questioned the act of bringing the family politics into public. While Some others questioned the legality of issuing such an Ad in August 2009, when the supreme court hearing on the issue is due in September 2009

Reliance controversial Ad | ADAG's Controversial Ad

Bringing the family politics into public ?