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Always Keep Smiling

Your smile for your brother is charity.” – Fiqh-us-Sunnah, Volume 3, Number 98

We were given an assignment on “Your Moral philosophy” by our Professor and I was searching my moral philosophy for long time and finally my friends helped me to identify it. A man’s moral philosophy should reflect in his behavior.

Branding Yourself

You may be familiar with the word branding. Building a brand is very important in business…But how can i brand myself….?
The world has changed… If you ask a child which is the fourth largest country by population..his answer would be facebook…yeah…the world of social networking changed the world orders.

Personal Branding

HR’s of reputed firms are now active in social networks like facebook and twitter. Social Networks and blogs have become a main target of employee hunters..Here comes the importance of branding yourself…

Statues in Trivandrum

Ever since i first visited Trivandrum as part of a study tour from my school ย the statues here attracted me a lot.

statues in trivandrum

It may be because of the fact that the first statue i saw then was the statue of Sri T.M. Varghese at Kesavadasapuram.(I studied in a School named after him). And now i am here in Trivandrum for the last 8 months and i was curious to know about the statues here.I discussed this curiosity with my friends here.

Laptops for Kerala MLAs: A reading with DYFI State Meet

“Three years back, the CPM had opposed the use of laptops in the Assembly, but last week the CPM-led government distributed brand new laptops to all the 141 Assembly members.

After a single-day session, which lasted for five minutes, Assembly members walked out with HCL Intel Core2 Duo laptops with Linux operating system, which Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan has been advocating for.”

News appeared on Indian express last week

I was wondering what the MLA’s are gonna do with their new laptops?? I got the answer for this today after hearing these

social media and communism

Twitter made profit in 2009. Me too :)

2009 was the year of Twitter. This microblogging site changed the way people using internet. But it was one of the popular websites which had no revenue model. There were many applications which work on twitter making profit but still twitter remained without any profits.

Some websites reported that twitter made profit in 2009 from the two big deals – one with Microsoft and the other with Google. Deal with Google made twitter $15million and a similar deal with MS generated them $10million. But there is no official confirmation from them yet.

But what i was telling is not twitter making profit ๐Ÿ™‚

Am i a Porn writer??

I checked the google analytics report of my blog today. I was shocked to see the keywords driving traffic to my blog. ๐Ÿ˜›

Here is a snapshot of a small portion from that.

analytics report showing ppl searching for porn

Almost all of these keywords including kochu katha and the mallu porn related keywords are leading to the post about malayali and google. It was a post dealing with the google search suggestions for every malayalam alphabet.

Create your own Hero Video in 3 Steps

Hope some of you have tried photofunia and added those photos to your orkut and facebook albums. Today i came to see a site where you can create videos portraying you as a hero. Its very simple. You could create your video in three simple steps. Thanks to @kevinbabu who introduced this site to me

1. Login to thier site.


2. choose one of your/your friend’s photo

upload image

You can even take a photo using your webcam

3. Adjust your image resolution


Google and Malayali

Google search is available in malayalam also. I was testing the malayalam search and from the search suggestions i realized how we the literate mallu’s use google.Check the image below

try with every alphabet

try with every alphabet

I tried with almost every single alphabet and got similar search suggestion, which reveals that we use google to search porn and ย adult contents ๐Ÿ˜›

Now i remember the google analytics report of vosree our campusblog . We had an article named perillatha katha and one of the comments under that story read like this “angane namude kochu college ile kochu class ile kochu kochu kathakal lokam muzhuvan ariyunna ee dhanya muhoorthathil.” . The keyword kochu katha under this comment fetched more than 30 hits every month.

Atlast am starting my personal blog

Blogging is one of my hobbies as well as passion.I has been blogging for almost 2 years.I was a blogging Evangelist at my college,promoting blogging among my friends through my campus blog www.vosree.com .Some people even started calling me vosree, vosreechetan etc.. ๐Ÿ˜› vosree inspired some of my friends to start blogging.But still i remained without a personal blog.

I was thinking about starting my own blog for a long time and it went to the birth of sujithjohn.in. Am planning to write socially relevant stuff,movie reviews,book reviews and bike reviews in my blog.