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Comparative Advertising – Microsoft Vs Google

Its time for another Brandwar. Its Google vs Microsoft now.
Last week Google announced a new privacy policy consolidating  6o different privacy policies of their product into one. The new privacy policy essentially allow Google to use their users private information across  various Google services – Google will be using your Youtube history, Google search history and information on your friends on Google plus to deliver relevant ads for you. This is a great news for the advertisers on google.

When the Old lady of Bori Bunder woke up the Mahavishnu of Mount Road

The integrated marketing campaign by ‘The Hindu‘ aiming directly at their rival ‘Times Of India‘ is the new buzz in the social media. These aggressive ad campaigns reflects the change in the top order of The Hindu as well. Everything started with Times of India with the help of their advertising agency Taproot India launched a TVC aiming at the Hindu in September 2011. The ad portrayed The Hindu as a boring newspaper which puts its readers to sleep. The ad ends with a call of action to the readers of The Hindu – ‘Wake up to the Times of India

Achuthanandan became Amul?s brand ambassador

They both are Amul babies” – reads the title of the latest edition of the famous Amul Ads featuring Kerala CM Achuthanandan and Rahul Gandhi. The Amul Ads are the longest running ad series in the country.One Ad is released nationally every week with reference to the latest incident that week.The ad series has covered almost all spheres of Indian life – Cricket, politics, business, bollywood etc.

Mumbai based Ad agency Dacunha Associates is behind the Amul Ads. They are doing the Ad series for Gujarat co-operative milk marketing Federation since 1966. The entire ad series is available in the Amul website